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How Do I Start Learning Digital Art?

Digital art is used for various purposes but is most commonly used for commercial purposes, like video games, media advertisements, and film and TV productions. As digital publishing art has become more affordable, it has opened up new careers for many artists. While some artists choose to create print-based pieces, others prefer to work exclusively in the digital environment. If you are into this field, read how to start learning digital art in Canada.

Beginner’s guide to digital art:

You’ll need to get some software and hardware to create digital art. Then, you’ll need some practice. Start by learning line drawing and how the lines and shapes are related. Use different tools to draw simple shapes, play with different colors, and blend modes.

Apps that allow you to create digital art:

If you want to create digital art with your phone, there are a couple of apps you should consider. One is Adobe Photoshop. This application features many tools and brushes to help you create digital art. You can also add layers to your creations. It also has a large community to help you create your work. You can also showcase your work in the app gallery and interact with other artists.

Another good option for creating digital art is Affinity. This app is relatively new on the digital art scene but offers impressive features. Zooming one million times is a great feature, and you can load up to 1000 objects on your canvas. However, Affinity has a steep learning curve.

Video tutorials:

Watching video tutorials is one of the best ways to learn digital art. These are great for beginners and offer a wealth of information on different techniques. Many of these tutorials are also long, so that you can revisit them. There are many different kinds of tutorials to choose from, including ones that help you learn about rock painting, sketching, and coloring.

Online classes:

Learning digital art online can be a great way to create digital images. The first step is to choose a course that covers your desired skills. Many courses are free of charge and will show you the fundamentals of digital art. You will learn how to use various drawing software, as well as how to use pressure sensitivity and basic shapes. The next step is to learn about color combinations. Digital artists can use a wide range of colors, which can be applied with one click.

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